Getting Started
You Can Download Our Apps at the following:
Android Installation
  1. Click on the button above “Android App Install”
  2. Tap on Download & Install
  3. Pre Register(We do not sell or give out Registration Information, we may use the information to notify users of serious problems, updates or product related information. Your Email will be used to login the app)
    Tap on the link below to login if you have  a verified account before and skip to step 5
  4. After Registration a verification code would be sent to the number you entered, if not you can change your number using the links provided on top of the verification form or resend the verification
  5. A pop-up window will prompt you to download to a location on your android phone
  6. When the download is complete you can open the file and tap install
Registration And Login
Creating A QR Code
  1. On the bottom menu tap the button at the left of the QR code
  2. Fill In the information on the Sign In Contact Form
    Note: Below the header there are 2 buttons on the left of the padlock button that’s where you choose what shows up in the QR Code
  3. The padlock button will make you lock the info you save
  4. After Saving Your Info Tap in the Middle Button on the Bottom navigation “QR Code” you now have successfully made your personal QR Code
Record Places I have been in today
With our partner application Client Logger you can record places you have been from
  1. On the bottom menu tap on home
  2. There are 2 Ways scanning or Fill Up a form. On the home screen below where am I
    a. If You scan a QR Code Tap on the First option  “Scan QR Code”
    b. If there is no QR Code fill up the form after tapping on  “Enter Info” and Skip to step 4
  3. After scanning the QR Code from Client Logger a pop-up screen comes out with the business info filled up
  4. The 5th button called Log will have the list of records of places you have been in